Book – Single-authored monograph

• Gajevic Sayegh, A. (2019), “Justice in a Non-Ideal World. Bridging the Gap Between Political Theory and Real-World Politics” 256 pages. London: Rowman and Littlefield International.

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Book Chapters

• (2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Environmental Justice”, Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance –  Second Edition (Morin, J.F. and Orsini A. eds.), Routledge.

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• (2018) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Climate Finance: Moral Theory and Political Practice” (T. Jafry, ed.), Routledge Handbook of Climate Justice. London: Routledge.

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Publications in scholarly journals

• (Forthcoming) Gajevic Sayegh, A. « La tarification du carbone et l’utilisation de ses revenus au Québec et au Canada », Politique et Sociétés.

• (2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A. “Moral Duties, Compliance, and Polycentric Climate Governance”, International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics; 20, pages 483–506.


• (2020) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Du Virus au Climat”, La Vie des Idées, Institut du Monde Contemporain (Collège de France).


• (2019) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Pricing Carbon for Climate Justice”, Ethics, Policy and Environment.


• (2018) Gajevic Sayegh, A., “Climate Justice After Paris: A Normative Framework”, Journal of Global Ethics, 13(3). pp.344-365.


• (2017) “A Case of Non-Ideal Guidance: Assessing Tax Competition”, Moral Philosophy and Politics. 4(1), pp.141-171.


• (2016) “Justice in a Non-Ideal World: the Case of Climate Change”, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, pp.1-22.


Book reviews

• (2020) Book Review. Economics & Philosophy. “Taxation”, M. O’Neill and S. Orr (eds.), Oxford University Press, 2018.


• (2016) Book Review. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. “Climate Justice: Vulnerability and Protection” by Henri Shue, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2014.


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